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There is growing demand from consumers for transparency in the food industry and in many cases the industry is listening, complying with regulations and going the extra mile to ensure maximum utilization, temperature control, health benefits and upholding ethical standards.

If your company is producing ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly products and you want consumers to know how, why and where, TraceabiliT can help!

"I think it's really just an evolution of where we've seen tech make big changes and be disruptive technology in other industries"

Derek Figueroa, President at Seattle Fish Co

Manage your brand and products

Create the entities that are relevant for your product(s) and its supply chain, and then set up dynamic widgets to display the timeline you want to use as part of your story-telling tool. We'll help you get started with the first timeline and teach you how you can manage this yourself.

Show and tell

Best of all, customers do not need to download another app to view your story. All they need to do is point their smartphone camera at the QR code on your packaging, and a unique link will automatically open your timeline and story on any browser or device.

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