Storytelling Technology for Eco-Conscious Brands

Simple tools to trace your supply chain, increase customer engagement and help consumers make ethical and environmentally friendly shopping decisions.


Every Product
Has a Story

Our cloud-based marketing platform authentically presents your product’s journey from source to market, building trust while capturing valuable first-party data and insights.


Transparency Matters &Sustainability Goes Mainstream

As sustainability becomes increasingly important to consumers and transparency is prioritized by regulators, DigiFresh helps you embrace these trends and stand out as a leader in sustainability. 


Of North Americans prefer brands that are sustainable or eco-friendly


Of North Americans want to know the origin of the products they buy


Sustainably-marketed products grew 7.1x faster than conventionally-marketed proudcts


Sustainably-marketed products account for 55% of CPG market growth

We understand the challenges you face with a rapidly evolving digital and regulatory environment. Our technology helps you make sense of your disparate data and complex supply chain to authentically tell your story to consumers. We give you the freedom to focus on what’s most important: building great products.


Connects Physical to Digital

Transparently communicate your product journey to consumers with our connected technology on product packaging and retail displays. This, combined with our innovative web-marketing solutions and reporting tools, allow you to seamlessly connect retail-to-digital.

Supply Chain Integrations

QR, NFC, RFID Enabled

Content Creation Tools

Custom Product Storyline Builder

Reporting & Analytics Tools

eCommerce Integrations

Seamless Social Sharing

Augmented Reality

+ More

Audience Insights


Capture Valuable Insights


Capture valuable and difficult to attain customer analytics to increase engagement and optimize advertising campaigns across physical and digital environments.

Bridge the offline-to-online channels with innovative connected technology on product packaging and retail displays to unlock vast potential.

Increase Trust

Connect To Customers

Go beyond the label with end-to-end traceability to transparently communicate your product journey from source to market.

Seamlessly open new social and commerce channels to optimize brand loyalty and sales. Share your Storylines easily to extend reach and maximize customer interactions at moments of high interest and intent.

Marketing Experts

Aggregate Data

Connect your supply chain, digital commerce, and marketing data to grow your business. Unique traceability and AR API integrations maximize storytelling capabilities.

Our creative and digital marketing experts are here to help you build personalized and curated Storylines to differentiate your product, increase engagement and trust.

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Transform your business and authentically engage with consumers to increase profitability and trust with the DigiFresh Storytelling solution.

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